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Who We Are

A global leader in all things thermal.

We offer the opportunity to become a part of a growing company where employees plan, do, check and act independently, allowing for autonomy and professional growth. We have become a global leader in our field by empowering employees to be effective contributors to our organization.

Our employees’ expertise has allowed us to become a global leader in supplying high quality thermal comfort products to the automotive and commercial markets. Our automotive products include climate seats that provide both heating and cooling, heated steering wheels, heated and cooled cup holders and storage bins, as well as the electronics and cables to support these products. We continue to expand our know-how to outside of the automotive industry with thermal comfort offerings such as our heated and cooled bed, home and office seating.

Our world-class thermal products have continued to migrate from the luxury vehicles to more mainstream applications. While heated seats have been in the market for over 40 years, the relatively newer product set of climate seats – providing both cooling and heating for thermal comfort – as well as heated steering wheels, continue to gain acceptance as comfort features.

Our employees continually strive for innovation – in energy efficiency savings, new materials, and new applications of our technologies – that will help us maintain our status as a trusted and established leader in all things thermal.

While we endeavor to make advances with our current applications, our employees are working on forward-looking thermal technologies that address anticipated changes in the market.

Our company Mission and Vision statements help us strive for innovation by reminding us what is at the core of our success.


Through sound science and creative thinking, we work together to harness the value of thermal technologies.


Every day we will demonstrate

             CuriosityYields insight
                      Insight yields innovation
                                 Innovation creates a better tomorrow.