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Symptom Solution
System is not turning on
  • Make sure your battery is charged. If the light on your battery is not turning on then the battery needs to be charged. If the light comes on and is red, you are on low battery and may need to charge your battery soon.
  • Properly position yourself in the chair. Because of our occupant sensor technology, you must be seated in the middle of your chair in order for the system to function.
System is not heating or cooling properly
  • Check the light on your control panel. If the light on your control panel is not turning on then the battery may need to be charged or re-inserted properly.
  • Sit for a few more minutes in the chair. Heating and cooling response time is slow in order to conserve battery life. Please allow 2-4 minutes to allow your chair to heat up. Times can vary according to the outside environment and what clothes you are wearing.
System is making too much noise
  • Set the heating or cooling to a lower setting. There is more airflow and the fan is operating at a faster speed when you are on the higher setting. If you prefer that your chair make less noise, you can try operating the chair at the lower setting.
System is vibrating
  • The grease within the system sticks due to gravity, which can sometimes lead to vibration, As the motor starts spinning, however, the vibration lessens over time.

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