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Personalized thermal comfort is available in every aspect of your life.

What is thermal comfort? Thermal comfort* is defined as “that condition of mind which expresses satisfaction with the thermal environment and is assessed by subjective evaluation.”

Of course this is known as human comfort, and a human’s satisfaction with their surroundings in terms of air temperature, humidity, radiant temperature, air velocity, metabolic rates, and clothing levels. Our suite of heating and cooling products, including heating elements, thermoelectric devices, fans and blowers, and the electronics to control them, deliver complete solutions for enhanced comfort features.

Whether the application is in furniture or bedding, for medical or personal use, our development team has extensive experience working with partners to develop and deliver in-demand solutions for personalized thermal comfort.

Our products are based on our proprietary thermal technologies, giving you what you need to satisfy your customer’s comfort in the office, in the household, in the air, at the show, for your patient, or for the great outdoors.

*ANSI/ASHRAE Standard 55-2010