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Power Generation

Innovation is transforming waste heat into electricity.

Waste heat is everywhere – we produce it when we drive, make glass, cast metals, incinerate trash, and synthesize chemicals. The good news is that we can capture some of this heat and convert it into electricity.

We are building practical, streamlined Thermoelectric Generators (TEGs) that are robust enough to withstand the challenges of harsh environments, and we can adapt our basic architecture to satisfy unique requirements. Reliable and compact thermoelectric power generation can be economically viable in a range of applications.

Our TEGs provide best-in-class performance metrics, such as volumetric power density and amount of TE materials per watt of electricity produced, and our ongoing application developments with a range of customers are demonstrating the power of our approach.

Intimate integrations of thermoelectric materials with heat exchangers and the rest of the systems make our designs distinctly different from other developments.