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Thermoelectric Materials

At the core of our devices are high-performance, reliable thermoelectric materials

When customers demand the highest-performing thermoelectric materials, they turn to us.

What is at the core of our thermoelectric devices? High-performance, reliable thermoelectric materials. They are the key functional elements that transform heat into electricity.

Our semiconductor materials need to operate under severe temperatures, mechanical stresses, and electric currents, so we partner with leading academic organizations to tap into their knowledge of the physical, chemical, and mechanical properties of these materials. Our goal? To push the functionality envelope as far as possible.


At the same time, we are actively generating hands-on experience at our Azusa, California location, where we perform comprehensive measurements on these materials to assess the potential for manufacturing and market delivery. Our capabilities include ingot casting, powder metallurgy, and metallization.

To ensure the continued success of our devices, we collaborate with material developers from the community of thermoelectric specialists and scientists.