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Interior Heating


Efficient thermal solutions for electric vehicles.

We target effective climate zones instead of wasteful space heating to deliver superior energy efficiency.

Individualized comfort remains one of the most important features of a vehicle. We take pride in surprising and delighting our end users by providing heating solutions that deliver immediate comfort.

We have added heated elements to the steering wheel, the gear shift knob, the door handles, the carpets, and the armrests to provide on-contact comfort to the driver.

Our surface heating solutions don’t require high ambient temperatures because they are based on a principle of preventing heat dissipation during contact. Our expertise in thermal product implementation is founded on the tried-and-true systems in our core area of seat heating.

The combination of our thermal solutions—innovative thermoelectric climate units with heated surfaces and localized convective heaters—can offer energy savings by targeting occupied seats only. Energy efficiency is increased when empty space is no longer temperature controlled.

Efficient thermal solutions for electric vehicles.

Electric vehicles require unique thermal management solutions because their motors and batteries do not create heat in the same way as internal combustion engines. Up to 25 percent of an electric vehicle’s range is degraded due to the use of current HVAC technologies.

Our ongoing testing is determining how modern automotive systems control and regulate a variety of heating elements in a vehicle to achieve optimal temperature and system harmony. We’re working to exceed industry requirements in the foreseeable future, setting the standards for comfort consciousness and technological necessity.