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Industrial Heating Elements

We offer flexible solutions in the field of heat up to 200 ° C for your application. Rely on our many years of experience and satisfied clients in the fields of equipment manufacturing, mechanical engineering, plant engineering, laboratory equipment, special vehicles and many other industrial areas. Allow us to evaluate your application, from an individual single production to a series solution.

F80 / FK 160

Heating Element F80 FK160

The heating element for versatile use

For heating rectangular areas in the temperature range of 80°C to 160°C, the heating element type F80/FK160 is most suitable. Rapid and uniform heat transfer is supplied across a special heat conductor on a plastic base. The polyester insulation (type F80) is the cost-effective solution. The polyimide insulation (type FK160) is processed without an additional adhesive layer to ensure best temperature and voltage stability.


F80D / FK160D

Heating Element F80D FK160D

The heating element for special geometries

Our F80D / FK160D heating elements wire is used as a heat conductor and allows for heating elements with various geometric shapes. Insulation and carrier materials like textiles, plastic films, and metal films are possible. The design of the heating element can be adapted to geometry and power requirements.


F80X / FK 160X

Heating Elements F80X FK 160X

The heating element for highest technical demands

For heating special geometries or with special requirements such as different heating power density in one heating element, our types F80X and FK160X are best suited. Heating conduction is provided via etched metal structures. Carrier materials are either polyester or polyimide. Depending on your needs, the heating elements can be equipped with a cover layer or self-adhesive backing.



Heating Element STP160

The heating element for special shapes

For this heating element, prepreg material is used, allowing for production of shaped parts with integrated heating layers. Temperature resistance is determined by the type of insulation material.




The robust, pliable and flexible heating element. Carbotex® heating elements can be individually designed to your power and dimensional requirements. For our Carbotex® heating elements, carbon fibers are used as the heat conductor. The carbon filaments are applied to a textile carrier and laminated with an additional fabric layer.


A fail-safe design is achieved via the following:

  • multiple parallel electrode wires
  • highly redundant carbon electrode contacts
  • more parallel heating conductors
  • no manual soldering


The homogeneous structure of the applied carbon filament ensures uniform and quick heat-up. This fail-safe, flexible design is suitable for dynamic loads such as car seats or furniture.