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I. General Information

World Headquarter:
Gentherm Inc.
21680 Haggerty Road, Suite 101
Northville, MI 48167, USA

Telephone: (248) 504-0500
Fax: (248) 348-9735

Members of the Board:
Oscar B. Marx, Chairman of the Board,
Daniel R. Coker, President and Chief Executive Officer
Lewis Booth, Francois J. Castaing, Sophie Desormiere, Maurice E.P. Gunderson, Carlos E. Mazzorin, Franz Scherer, Byron Shaw


II. Registered Office

Northville, Michigan, USA

III. Homepage

Please direct all questions related to our homepage to:
Thania Esquivel
Phone +1 (248) 513-8611

IV. Production

Media Genesis
1441 E. Maple Rd. Suite 200
Troy, MI, 48083, USA
Phone: 248-687-7888
Fax: 248-687-7889