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Heated Seats

Feel the Comfort

We provide individualized heating solutions for ultimate comfort.

Our automobile heated seats deliver flexible solutions for changing demands.

We are leaders in solution development. A modern seat heater needs to withstand the high stress interplay of physical forces and meet customer demand for quick-response temperature regulation. To meet the challanging expectations of carmakers and consumers we place the highest demands on our heated seat systems with respect to:

  • Robustness and fatigue strength
  • Geometric flexibility
  • Integration near the surface
  • Quick performance
  • Cost effectiveness

Our heated seats undergo significant stress tests that fulfill the strict requirements of our quality management program. In addition, we anticipate what our automotive sector partners and our customers expect from our seat heaters.

An integral part of our research and development is to determine which materials have the best capacity, installation characteristics, and durability to achieve economic and operational success.  We are constantly looking for innovative materials.  We test natural and synthetic textiles suitable for subrate material, and we test metallic yarns and carbon fibres for their usability as heat conductors under intense operating conditions.

Several heater coils must, for example, be able to withstand up to a million bend effects in the same place without breaking. We conduct robotic simulation of getting in and out of seats 25,000 times, and we test the load applied to the entire vehicle seat. In addition to numerous other stress tests, we expose new materials to acid and other chemical tests as a prerequisite for achieving readiness for series production.