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Personalized Microclimate technology

Our technology lets you provide temperature control exactly where it’s needed.

Home or work, everyone wants to feel comfortable.

We have adapted our innovative thermal technology to a myriad of furniture-related products. After all, thermal comfort is important and desirable in many areas of our lives; and that includes the home and the workplace.

We design, develop, and manufacture heating, cooling, and ventilating products for diverse markets, such as: 

  • Spa/Dental/Medical Seating 
  • Home Theater Seating
  • Movie Theater Seating
  • Stadium/Auditorium Seating

Our concept of the comfortable office environment is one that employs the use of climatized seating, radiated heat panels, and personal heating and cooling devices to create customized microclimates that are less reliant on overall building HVAC systems.

In fact, by using our individualized comfort technology and replacing the dependence on the building’s HVAC system, companies are reducing their operating costs. Heating and cooling a workplace can account for 45 percent of a company’s annual energy usage. Instead of heating and cooling the entire building or all of your offices, our technology lets you provide temperature control exactly where it’s needed, which can reduce overall energy use and lower operating costs.

The DOE estimates a cost savings of $40-$100 per year by adjusting your home thermostat 10-15% for an 8 hour period. By cooling or heating your personal work space, a similar reduction in overall office energy use is possible.

Our expertise in thermoelectric devices can be applied beyond the corporate office!

We offer permanent climate seat installations in stadiums, theatres, and gaming venues for your audiences. Using our climate seating technology gives your visitors a more enjoyable experience and with a higher perceived value. Bundle these seats with heated and cooled cup holders for the maximum feature-rich occupant experience

Our microclimate technology can provide your employees, customers, patients, and/or patrons a comfortable and relaxing environment — and with a substantial cost savings.