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Features and Benefits

Temperature is a common office complaint.

Now there is a simple solution. We offer different chair solutions, heated and heated/cooled.

Energy Savings: Instead of heating and cooling the entire office, our technology provides temperature control exactly where it’s needed. This can reduce overall energy use and lower operating costs. If you work from home, adjusting your thermostat and cooling or heating your personal work space can also lead to a similar reduction in overall energy use. The Gentherm Climate Chair uses only 10 watts to keep you comfortable all day. Compare that to 100 watts for a floor fan[1] and 1500 watts for a space heater[2] and you will recognize the energy savings immediately! You also have the added benefit of not having fans blowing around documents or safety concerns with an unattended space heater.

Productivity Increase: A 2004 Cornell University  study[3] found that cold workers make more mistakes, which can lead to a 10 percent increase in hourly labor costs. A small boost in office temperature significantly improved worker performance. An overly hot workplace,however, can leave employees tired, irritable, and unable to concentrate, according to the U.S. Department of Commerce. The heated and cooled office chair provides each individual occupant with control over their own work space so that they do not become too hot or too cold, and can maintain productivity throughout the day.

Individualized Control: When everyone can decide their own temperature, there is no need for complaints or fights over the thermostat. According to a study published in Psychological Research[4], office workers perform best when they have control over their physical environment and can set the temperature to the level they prefer, even if their preference is outside the range of what is regarded as best for the majority.
Health and Wellness:

  • Back pain relief[5]: The thermal elements in the back and seat can be used together or individually. If you suffer from a bad back, this chair can be adjusted to your level of comfort.

  • Menopause Relief: Menopausal women often times suffer from hot flashes or cold sweats, which can make work extremely difficult. Being able to change the temperature of their personal environment to coincide with hormonal fluctuations can help women stay comfortable and productive.