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We are a proven and trusted partner, delivering high-quality thermal solutions for 40+ years.

For more than forty years, we have been providing our expertise to leading vehicle manufacturers and suppliers, earning an outstanding reputation as a qualified developer and provider of system solutions.

Our current automotive portfolio includes a broad range of heating and cooling, and temperature control applications for all-season comfort. Automotive products include heated seats and seat climate technology. We offer base systems and more sophisticated systems that add pre-conditioning and variable temperature of the seat. Our current principal product is our proprietary heated and cooled seat, the Climate Control Seat® (CCS®), which delivers a thermal comfort feature to automotive and truck manufacturers and their tier one suppliers. The success of the CCS brand makes us the world's largest supplier of thermoelectric devices within the automotive industry.

We also offer thermal comfort solutions to suit individualized needs such as heated steering wheels, gear shift knob, door handles, carpets, and armrests.

Moreover, we provide top-performing thermal convenience products, including cooled and heated cup holders and thermal storage devices.

Our electronic modules include integrating electrical and mechanical features for “smart” devices, and our automotive cable and plug system offerings have a variety of uses.

All of our systems can be tailored according to the technology, power levels, diagnostics, and communications to name a few. We are in a unique position to offer fully validated systems for any of our thermal-based products.