Battery Systems

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Battery Thermal Management

Our Battery Thermal Management products are a response to the increased demands being placed on the energy sector by the rapidly growing market  of electric and hybrid vehicles.  Our products deliver a decisive increase in energy durability by keeping the battery in an optimal temperature range using thermoelectrics.  Our state-of-the-art process offers our customers complete design freedom and the ability to reach sub-ambient temperatures by delivering heating and cooling to separate cells at the same time from one system.  We know the emerging picture in the automotive market is electric and hybrid technology and we are committed to being at the forefront of this effort, helping shape the longevity and reliability of energy systems for our customers.  We deliver energy system products that ensure maximum performance and charging capacity as well as safe and intelligent cell monitoring.

In order to ensure the performance and longevity of modern vehicle batteries, a well thought-out thermal management system is indispensable.  As a result, we developed a broad range of innovative approaches to ensure optimal temperature control of high-performance batteries in electric vehicles.  All of our solutions rely on an individual thermal management concept based on thermoelectrics, which individually balances the temperature differences in the battery and protects the energy storage system against overheating.  For excessively low temperatures, our system is equipped with heating systems to ensure optimal performance.  All of our patented processes and technologies extend the life of batteries and increase their flexibility, scalability and reliability.

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Cell Connecting Board

Our Cell Connecting Boards provide a secure connection of cells and a continuous flow of information regarding the temperature and cell voltage during the charging and discharging process.  This information is then relayed through our advanced battery cabling by our patented, specially designed software to our Battery Management System products.  We combine innovative production processes with our deep expertise in cable manufacturing to ensure efficient series production of our systems.  Our Cell Connecting Boards can be customized to fit parallel and serial connection of cells and are optimized for packaging constraints and adaptable to our customer’s specific requirements. 

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Air to Air Battery Thermal Management

Our air to air battery thermal management solution is designed to suit our customer needs from small package to high airflow, and meet multiple OEM mechanical and electrical requirements.  Our solution pulls cool air from the duct and removes hot air from the battery case ensuring optimal battery functionality.   

We utilize the latest technology in system level test and simulation to provide our customers with the most suitable device for each application.  Our battery thermal management products are made to satisfy any customer requirement, from optimal airflow performance within a compact package volume, to applications requiring higher airflow and extremely low noise levels.


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